24 Mart 2018 Cumartesi
    Ürün Kodu: 3MZ-00741
    Açıklama: ADAMS MARIMBA SOLIST MSPV43. The Adams MSPV43 Padouk Wood Bar 4.3 Octave Marimba delivers a full size marimba for home or school use at an affordable price. This Adams 4.3 Octave Marimba features graduated Padouk wood bars that are only slightly narrower than the Concert Series synthetic or Rosewood models (3/10 of an inch in the lowest octave only) and offer the same precise tuning to the 6th overtone and voicing as all of the Adams instruments including the Artist Marimbas. Padouk wood bars offer an excellent alternative to Rosewood, by producing a beautifully warm, woody sound, at a fraction of the Rosewood's cost. The bars are tuned through the sixth overtone, which offers complete control over all aspects of the marimba sound. Precise tuning and voicing provides for balanced sound through the entire range of the instrument. Included with the purchase of this (and any Adams keyboard instrument) is a free bar tuning within the first year of ownership. Simply arrange with Steve Weiss Music to have the bars sent back for retuning within the first year you own your instrument (normal "down" time is approx 2-3 weeks). The Adams MSPV43 resonators are welded for strength and noise free dependability, and are finished with a durable powder coated finish. Both the rails and resonators fold in half, allowing these instruments to easily fit in the trunk of almost anycar. The Adams patented Voyager Frame System is extremely durable and offers effortless adjustment to a wide range of playing heights. Marimba cover and mallets are included. MSPV43 4.3 Octave Padouk Marimba Specs: Bar Wood Type: Padouk Tuning: A=442 Hz. Bar Range: A2 - C7 Bar Width: 2.3" to 1.6" Overall Length: 72.8" Lo End Width: 35.4" Hi End Width:15.7" Height Adjustment: 33.4" -41.3" Weight: 147 lbs. Lütfen ön bilgi ve sipariş için müşteri temsilcisi ile görüşün.
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