19 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi
    Ürün Kodu: MZ-00706
    Açıklama: ADAMS MARIMBA ARTIST MAHC43. For the most innovative series of marimbas available on the market today, you need to look no further than the Artist Series from Adams. Both the Robert Van Sice model marimbas and the Artist Classic marimbas, with their beautifully stained wood rails and end pieces, are manufactured with the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality materials, to meet and exceed the demands of today's top marimba virtuosos. Only hand selected exquisite Rosewood is used to create these outstanding instruments. This insures that every Artist Series Marimba we produce provides the rich tone and perfect pitch that has become synonymous with Marimbas bearing the Adams name. Adams is the only company producing bars meticulously precision tuned though an incredible sixth overtone in the lower register, using a specially designed proprietary computer assisted method. This exclusive tuning process gives our Robert Van Sice model and Artist Classic model marimbas the most stable pitch and evenness of sound available, and allows Adams complete control over all aspects of the marimba's sound. The Adams Artist Marimbas are made from the best materials and is the first choice for any marimba player. After many years of research, Adams Instruments proudly present new marimba bars. While nothing visually has changed, the sound and ease of playing from these bars has been drastically improved. Eight years ago, Adams began to purchase a higher quality rosewood than was previously ever available. Mr. André Adams and Mr. Frans Swinkels visited the Honduran forests several times to select the best possible wood for the production of their marimba bars. Adams' policy is to keep our wood in special climate-controlled rooms for 8 years to insure precise aging. The result is quite honestly phenomenal! A much faster, clearer tone and pitch. Exactly what all marimba players want. All Artist Marimbas bars are finished with a special developed lacquer which ensures optimum sound. The resonators are carefully designed to amplify the fundamental note of each bar and to give the maximum sustain, power and clarity. The patented voyager system on the Adams Artist Marimbas allow easy adjustments over a wide range of playing heights. Rails are removable and fold in half for easy packing and transportation. MAHCC43 Range: 41/3 oct. A2-C7 Bars: Rosewood 67-40 mm Pitch A: 442 Hz. Frame: Voyager Length: 213 cm Low end: 100 cm High end: 53 cm Height adjustment: 88-98 cm Lütfen ön bilgi ve sipariş için müşteri temsilcisi ile görüşün.
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