18 Şubat 2018 Pazar
    Ürün Kodu: MZ-00679
    Açıklama: ADAMS MARIMBA LUDWIG ALBERT. The Adams Artist Ludwig Albert marimba is the latest model in our Artist Series. The instrument is a continuation on the Adams Custom marimba, made in close collaboration with the Belgian marimba virtuoso Ludwig Albert. New on this instrument compared to other Adams Artist marimbas, are the stained and rounded Honduras rosewood bars. A specific wish of Ludwig Albert and a lot of marimba players worldwide. The frame, with beautiful white stained rails and side parts, has a built-in Adams Voyager-system height-adjustment. The system proved itself as the most precise and easiest method to adjust and fine tune the height of the instrument worldwide. The Adams Traveller-system cross bar and the big powerful wheels guarantee the player a fantastic stability of the complete instrument. The golden coloured resonators completes the design of the marimba and makes it shine on every stage. MAHLA50 Range: 5 oct. C2-C7 Bars: Round top, stained, Honduras Rosewood72-40mm Pitch A: 442 hz Frame: Voyager/ Traveller Length: 255 cm Low end: 143 cm High end: 53 cm Height adjustment: 88-98 cm Lütfen ön bilgi ve sipariş için müşteri temsilcisi ile görüşün.
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    Havale / EFT Fiyatı (%5 İndirimli): 17812,50 EUR(83811,38 TL)
    Kredi Kartı: 18750,00 EUR(88222,50 TL)