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    Ürün Kodu: MZ-02086
    Açıklama: AKG PROFESSIONAL DİNAMİK MİKROFONLU TEK TARAFLI KULAKLIK HSD-271. Professional headsets derived from K 171 and K 271 Studio headphones Closed-back headphones for optimum ambient-noise attenuation Dynamic microphone Flexible microphone arm with shock mounted transducer, swiveling through 270 degrees for left or right-hand use Headphone auto-mute function (HSD 271) Detachable cable with mini XLR connector Switchable bass cut filter These professional headsets from AKG have been designed for broadcast and recording use. In addition to excellent comfort, optimum ambient-noise attenuation, and outstanding audio quality, the HSD Series professional headsets use the same proven detachable cable as the Studio Series headphones. So should a cable become defective under the enormous stress of day-to-day broadcast work, it can be replaced quickly and without any tools. The flexible microphone arm swivels through a 270-degree arc. Therefore, you can wear the microphone to the left or right of your mouth depending on your preferences or available space. Commentators, off-camera moderators, camera operators, or sound engineers - AKG professional headsets are always the perfect tools for any application in professional audio and satisfy every user’s personal preferences. HSD 271 Single: the HSD 271 is also available in a special version with a single earphone, see "More product pictures". This model is the perfect choice for all jobs where the user needs to listen to natural sounds as well as those coming through he headphones. What professional users say: "We at ORF Austrian Radio and TV prefer products that have been designed to satisfy the needs of their users. In developing these new headsets, AKG actually thought of everything. Providing exceptional ease of handling, innovative features, and superior intelligibility, the professional headsets from AKG more than satisfy our requirements." Gerhard Csismazia, Sound Engineer, ORF Microphone Polar pattern hypercardioid Type dynamic Frequency range 60 Hz to 17 kHz Sensitivity 1 mV/Pa (-60 dBV) Max. SPL 124 dB/128 dB (for 1% / 3% THD) Equivalent noise level 15 dB(A) Impedance <=600 ohms Recommended load impedance >= 2.000 ohms Headphones Frequency range HSD 171: 18 Hz to 26 kHz HSD 271: 16 to 28 kHz Sensitivity 94 dB SPL/mW Rated impedance 55 ohms THD HSD 171: <0.4 % HSD 271: <0.3 % System Connector 6-pin mini XLR connector Finish matte black Net weight HSD 171: 255 g (9 oz.) HSD 271: 305 g (10.8 oz.). ÖN BİLGİ VE SİPARİŞ İÇİN MÜŞTERİ TEMSİLCİSİ İLE GÖRÜŞÜN.
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    HAVALE / EFT FİYATI: 641,25 EUR(3105,12 TL)
    KREDİ KARTI: 641,25 EUR(3105,12 TL)