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    "Virtuoso saxophones has a following that includes some of the top names in Jazz and contemporary music. These horns feature many of the great characteristics found in horns from the fifties and sixties, while combining the latest in precision technology.

    Designed with input from such luminaries as Tim Ries of The Rolling Stones and the late Michael Brecker, Virtuoso saxophones personify innovation, imagination, affordability and top quality construction. Unmatched in their ability to replicate vintage saxophones in feel and flexibility, the Virtuoso series has been enhanced to offer today's saxophonists optimal clarity, intonation, dependability, durability, comfort and power.

    Virtuoso’s full bodied sound has an authority that cuts in a saxophone section, while providing each player with the ability to express the most intimate ballad with ease.

    From top to bottom, Virtuoso altos and tenors tout a substantial instrument made with heavy gauge brass. Available in seven finishes (matte, lacquer, silver plated, black nickel, gold plated, dark lacquer and unlacquered) each maintains its own unique characteristics and sound. Each Virtuoso features high quality leather pads, metal resonators, ergonomically contoured balance key action, elegant detailed engraving, professional mouthpiece and custom case. A high F# key is standard. Models without a high F# key can be special ordered. "

    - Gold Plated finish - ribbed body design - high quality leather pads - Blue steel springs - metal resonators - ergonomically contoured balance key action - mother of pearl inlays - stainless steel pivot screws - articulated low B to B# - guide for low C# post - pants guard - elegant detailed engraving - professional mouthpiece with ligature cap set and custom backpack style case *A high F# key is standard. Models without a high F# key can be special ordered Designed with input from such luminaries as Tim Ries and Michael Brecker.

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